IPOers is an International Securities Brokerage Network structured as a multi-level securities brokerage network distributing private and pre-ipo equities: Animated by professionals working full- or part-time it aims at having accredited, sophisticated or institutional investors, such as family offices, wealth managers, investment funds or Hedge Funds, investment banks, securities dealers, commercial banks and merchant banks investing in early stages of issuers aiming at a further Initial Public Offering.

International Broker Network

The Broker

The broker is an intermediary between investors and an issuer of securities. In the international securities network, he is part of a team under the

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General Information


Organization of the international securities brokerage network First off the hierarchy is the investor indicator. He is a participant who only provides an address, a

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The Network Manager

The network manager is a financial company. He earns the spread between the percentage of the distribution commission agreed with the issuer and the total

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How to join

How to join the international securities brokerage network? When someone joins the network, except as a funder, they must meet certain admission criteria and learn

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