IPOers as a Career

Whether you are a knowledgeable broker or considering professional retraining in this field of activity, here is everything you need to know about the career prospects offered by IPOers. To start, know that in most Western countries, financial intermediation and brokerage are regulated activities, and rightly so.

If you do not want to train or get certified in this sector of activity but have a solid professional and/or private network, you can operate as a Finder, in other words put our accredited brokers in contact with potential customers from your acquaintance in order to earn a commission. However, this position does not offer any possibility of development within the IPOers network and remains capped in terms of remuneration. It is, however, an attractive option for generating side income efficiently and quickly if you already have a job or career that occupies you most of the time.

If you are interested in joining our network as a licensed broker but do not have a degree or certification, we will help and support you until you pass the certification exams, which will even be reimbursed by IPOers when successful.

If, on the contrary, you are already active as a broker and duly registered with the responsible bodies (such as FINRA in the United States or FINMA in Switzerland), you can now jump on the opportunity to join the IPOers International Broker Network, which will probably be one of the most effective springboards to take your business to the next level. Joining our network means adhering to irreproachable ethics and ensuring the satisfaction of your existing and future customers.

In any case, each candidate who joins our professional network begins as a Broker, at the first level, regardless of their degree of education, diplomas or previous employment. All members therefore benefit from absolutely identical chances of success at the start. This is an ethical dimension strongly desired by IPOers. Brokers are paid on any new business concluded with prospects from their own network or that of their business introducers. They are part of a team headed by their local City Manager.

A Broker who stands out for the regularity, quality and productivity of his work and who recruits new Brokers himself can be awarded the position of City Manager, which is the first promotion available within the network on a local scale. According to our estimates, it is possible to reach this position in less than a year by devoting 100% of your working time to the accomplishment of the objectives of the network of IPOers. The City Manager is remunerated on any transaction concluded within his team and his rate of remuneration increases on those he concludes himself. City Managers report to their Regional Manager.

A Regional Manager is a member of the network who has reached a sufficient level of activity to generate, through his network, at least 6 active City Managers, each with a minimum of 6 Brokers reporting to them, and thus finds himself propelled to the head of a team of at least 42 people. Like the City Manager, the Regional Manager is paid on any transaction concluded within his team and his rate of remuneration increases on those he concludes himself. The Regional Manager obviously devotes more time to training and supporting his teams, which gives him a role in which leadership, organizational skills and administrative monitoring occupy a prominent place. According to our estimates, it is possible to become a Regional Manager after 18 to 24 months of full-time professional activity within the IPOers network.

At the national level, the most efficient, productive and competent of our Regional Managers will be appointed National Manager, with the advantages and responsibilities relating to this ultimate promotion, the highest level accessible within the IPOers network by anyone who has started a career in as a Broker. The National Manager reports directly to the Network Manager and works in close collaboration with the IPOers Management on all the steps related to the development of the network and business. This is an unusual development prospect in the brokerage market, since it offers national exclusivity and, in doing so, remuneration on all transactions concluded in the country. Of course, this position involves significant personal investment and a very high degree of involvement.

For the good of the network, IPOers retains shares in all companies financed through it, which can be used for the purposes of gratification or compensation, when the Network Manager deems it necessary.

Due to its high ethics, IPOers makes it a point of honor to treat each of its members fairly, with the respect and benevolence that are due to them. We offer you a training framework, remuneration rates and development prospects commensurate with the energy, time and skills you devote to your involvement in the network. Fundamentally, joining IPOers today is making the choice to invest in yourself first and foremost.

Regarding commission rates, please refer to our presentation video:

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