Incorporation of IPOers

There are many companies that seek to finance themselves by issuing securities, thus allowing qualified investors to acquire shares of their capital in the development phase, which constitute so many excellent opportunities to make very significant profits, particularly if they plan to go public.

Although the securities market is old and regulated, until now there was no international platform capable of both selecting promising companies wishing to open their capital and then making the said securities available to a network of qualified international brokers to ensure their sale to investors. It is precisely this unique position that IPOers, the first international network of professional brokers in direct contact with a selection of rising companies in search of capital in all sectors, all around the globe, occupies today.

IPOers was founded on the 7th, September 2022 by experienced finance and wealth management professionals, with the idea of approaching family offices, qualified investors and retail markets through an International Brokerage Network. Its members participate on an independent basis but are sponsored by the organization as soon as they pass the exam of Series 82 or Series 7 of the FINRA.

IPOers aims to develop a new generation of brokers with impeccable ethics, who put the interests of their clients first. This is made possible on the one hand by a drastic selection of the companies whose titles are offered for sale and on the other hand by the seriousness and quality of the candidates recruited, encouraged and certified through the network. Excellence is not found by chance, it is the result of the experience and determination of the best.

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